Viet Nam’s  Northwest region: A wild and charming retreat for travel lovers
Viet Nam’s  Northwest region has long been an attractive destination for travel lovers as they are welcomed by rolling hills, dense forests, and magnificent waterfalls. Anyone who sets foot in the land is awed by its wild and charming beauty.
Top 5 New Off The Beaten Track Activities in Viet Nam
The new off the beaten track activities in Viet Nam make the adventure tour to this S-shaped country full of delight and excitement. Thrill-seekers all over the world, who are…
Coming to Mooc Stream to enjoy the green and cool space
(TITC) - Nestled under the limestone ranges covered with jungle, Mooc Stream (Phuc Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province) brings cool breeze to Phong Nha - Ke Bang…
Ninh Binh, sleeping beauty has woken up
For a thousands years Ninh Binh was Viet Nam’s best kept secret. Hidden away just a few hours from Ha Noi, the rural masterpiece may be small in size and population, but its rugged landscapes offer visitors a massive slice of heaven.
Bach Dang Giang: An attractive spiritual destination
Lying just 20 kilometres from the centre of Hai Phong, the Bach Dang Giang relic site is part of the Trang Kenh complex-a group of historical, cultural and spiritual monuments in Hai Phong. The destination was recognized as a national historical relic in 1962 and has been attracting an increasing number of visitors ever since.
Lang Sen Wetland, a miniature Plain of the Reeds
When speaking about Dong Thap Muoi (Plain of the Reeds), a region in the lower Mekong basin rich in natural resources, one usually thinks of Dong Thap Province or An Giang Province. But the Lang Sen Wetland Reserve in Long An Province is the lowland with the most popular specialties of Dong Thap Muoi.
Ta Con Relic Site   (May 03, 2018)
Ta Con Relic Site
Located in Tan Hop Commune, Huong Hoa District, Quang Tri Province, Ta Con Airport Relic is a demonstration of the Vietnamese people’s desire for unification of the country.
A visit to Kim Lan Pottery Village
When it comes to Ha Noi’s pottery, Bat Trang ceramics are the first thing that cross one’s mind. However, there is another well-known pottery village named Kim Lan in Ha Noi, located in the district of Gia Lam.
Phung Hung fresco street in Ha Noi
Created by Vietnamese and South Korean artists, Phung Hung Fresco Street in Ha Noi has now become a magnet for young people and other visitors.
Giac Lam Pagoda – a destination in Ho Chi Minh City
Giac Lam Pagoda on Lac Long Quan Street in Tan Binh District is the oldest pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City.
Most beautiful cave in Dong Van Karst Plateau GeoPark
Lung Khuy cave in the northernmost province of Ha Giang has become a tourist destination since early 2015. It is considered the most beautiful cave in the Dong Van Karst Plateau GeoPark.  
Mong Rong Rock Area, a wonder of nature in Quang Ninh
Located in Co To Island, Quang Ninh Province, Mong Rong (Dragon Claw) Rock Area is a favourite destination for visitors to the island.
Nui Vua - a worth-visiting place in Ba Vi
Nui Vua (King Mountain) is the highest mount in the Ba Vi Mountain Range (Ba Vi District, Ha Noi), where a temple dedicated to Uncle Ho is located.
Making a pilgrimage tour to Quan Am Pagoda in Bac Lieu
On the way to the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu, around 100 kilometers from the southernmost tip of Viet Nam, pilgrims should stop by a Buddhist pagoda where there is an 11-meter-tall Bodhisattva statue facing the sea. It is a sacred place of worship for many people, in the belief that the Goddess has miraculous ability to safeguard fishermen and seafarers.
Experiencing basket-boat tour on Bay Mau coconut forest
Bay Mau coconut forest village in Cam Thanh Commune is touted as one of the most-frequented tourist destinations in Hoi An City in the central province of Quang Nam thanks to a sightseeing tour that allows visitors to explore the coconut forest and gain an insight into traditional fishing techniques while riding in a bamboo basket boat.