'Banh Da Ke' – Simple flavourful snack of Hanoians
Update: Mar 19, 2018
Banh da ke (millet rice cracker) is a flavourful snack enjoyed by Hanoians which is a harmonious taste of the crispness of the rice cracker, the aroma of millet, and the sweetness of sugar and mung bean puree.

The millet which is chosen to make the dish must be small and polished seeds. When cooking millet, you must stir it evenly so that it does not become a mash or get too dry and especially doesn’t burn.

The cooked millet, which is sparkling yellow and slightly fragrant, is then poured into a clean brazier. Mung beans are steamed and then pressed into blocks.

To prepare the dish, cooked millet is spread over the surface of a crispy rice cracker, a thin layer of green bean powder and sugar are then added on top of the millet. Depending on the taste of each person, the sellers will add little or more sugar.

The cake catches the eye of many passers-by with its yellowish crust, which appears thick, sticky and crispy. The taste of the crispy and crunchy cakes gently mixed with the sweetness of sugar and beans naturally creates such a unique yet addictive taste.