Vietnam Airlines offers online hotel booking service
Update: Sep 18, 2018
National carrier Vietnam Airlines (VNA) has started offering a hotel booking service on its website,, from September. Customers can either book flights in advance and make hotel room reservations separately or book both flights and hotel rooms together.

A VNA employee instructs a customer to select services on the carrier’s website

VNA’s room-booking service allows customers to reserve different types of rooms at various destinations throughout the world. Customers can visit the website to search for hotels based on the type of hotel and its location. To find a suitable room, customers can also read feedback on the travel website, Tripadvisor.

The service will constantly update the prices of hotels offered by providers to ensure flexibility, reasonableness and authenticity.

The carrier’s special package, VNA Holidays, features the new service that offers customers a series of options for hotel bookings.

Vietnam Airlines debuted VNA Holidays in December 2014. Before launching the hotel booking service, customers who wanted to book a room were required to first book an air ticket.

The carrier expects to deploy other online booking services, such as a car rental service, in the coming period. Vietnam Airlines also allows customers to make payments using different methods.