Specific Vietnamese culture introduced in Laos
Update: Nov 29, 2018
Vietnamese famous dishes and traditional dance, as well as performances of traditional Ao dai and conical hats, have received special attention of international friends in Laos.  

In Vientiane, a delegation of female staff from Vietnamese Embassy in Laos and more than 200 Lao and international delegates have attended the tea exchange program between diplomats’ spouses and female diplomats in Laos and Lao leaders’ spouses. The annual event was held by the Laos Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Lao Women's Union.

The event gathered 30 booths introducing culture with the participation of many countries in Asia such as China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Timor Leste.

The Vietnamese delegation introduced to Lao and international friends artistic photos, cultural publications, souvenirs, gifts to promote cultural specialties, popular tourist destinations as well as Vietnam travel services, especially the Vietnamese Ao dai. On this occasion, many Vietnamese dishes were made and guests invited to try.