Market optimization for Hue tourism
Update: Aug 20, 2021
From the end of the 3rd until the 4th Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, thanks to market optimization and precise identification of markets to promote and develop, Hue became a top destination for domestic tourists in the Central region.
Businesses cooperates to boost the number of tourists to Hue (Photo taken before the 4th outbreak)
Right time, right Subjects
In April 2021, before the 4th COVID-19 outbreak, the number of tourists from Da Nang to Hue was at the highest among all markets, with more than 22,000 arrivals, even higher than Hanoi (around 20,000) and Ho Chi Minh City (around 15,000).
That has yet taken into account the number of Da Nang tourists visiting Hue and returning within the day, without using accommodation services. These are mostly young tourists, aged from 18 to 25, with 5 particular focuses: taking photos at heritage in ao dai sites; taking wedding photos in ao dai; tastingbanh xeo at Chuon lagoon, enjoying seafood at Tam Giang lagoon in Quang Loi commune and relaxing at local waterfalls.
As analyzed by the Department of Tourism Management, for a long time, the flow of tourists from Da Nang have been thought to have less interests in Hue because it was close by and people were already familiar with it. In reality, however, there is always a segment in the market that Hue can attract them with specific products.
In particular, Da Nang has a stream of young customers mainly “checking in” to experience new things or renovated old things. In terms of efficiency, Da Nang visitors are not less than tourists from other places.
Notably, ancient costume wearing and photography services at heritage sites in Nhat Binh ao dai and ao dai ngu than (five-panel ao dai) were selected. Through this service, tailors and ao dai rental shops, as well as photography would also have the opportunity to prosper, as there were not enough ao dairental shops to meet the demand in April, 2021.
Mr. Tran Huu Thuy Giang, Director of the Department of Tourism, said that market optimization is, basically, identifying the markets that Hue tourism targets at, then focusing on a series of solutions accordingly to attract customers. It was the effective optimization of the market, the right promotion at the right time, to the right subjects that has attracted a significant number of Da Nang tourists to Hue.
It was not difficult to spot groups of teenagers coming to Hue to take pictures in traditional ao dai inApril 2021
Technology is the key to successful market optimization. Smart technology has supported the promotion, orientation of demand and even changed the way tourists travel. For example, various videos with appropriate duration were produced to promote Hue’s antique clothing.
When users of Facebook, Zalo, Tik tok... stop at a certain video for about 3-5 seconds, smart technology will automatically operate and videos related to antique clothing will continuously appear after that. At that time, it will spark curiosity in people, and simultaneously shaping the idea for a trip to Hue to take pictures in antique clothing.
According to the leader of the Department of Tourism, the optimization was effective thanks to the maximum supports of technology companies, and social networks with which the sector has cooperated. The cooperation helped to create synchronization and achieve the ultimate goal of optimization: right time, right subjects. Along with that is a team of professionals, who are knowledgeable and updated with new forms of advertising technology.
Understanding customers’ needs
According to Mr. Dang Manh Phuoc, Director of Outbox Consulting, tourism managers around the world have constantly been looking for ways to promote their products and destinations or improve the customer’s experience. To do so, one must first take an initial step called market research.
The development of tourism cannot be based only on preferences nor experience. It requires a firm grasp of knowledge, building a reasonable model, understanding the market as well as customers to achieve efficiency. Analyzing customer behavior is the key to effective market optimization.
Mr. Phuoc said that, on the business side, market optimization also helps set clear development goals, proactively finding new solutions in different periods. Businesses, whether operating directly in the field of tourism or indirectly, can understand the market better and identify a new customer segment during the current period of the pandemic, thanks to market research and analysis.
Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thuan, Director of Dai Bang Tourism Joint Stock Company said that, with optimization, the company always identifies both local and global markets, as well and potential markets. Due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, optimizing towards the local market would be the first choice. Not only towards Da Nang tourists, the flow of tourists from Quang Binh to Quang Ngai was a positive signal before the 4th outbreak and would be a key target in the time to come when the pandemic is under control.
The tourism industry informed that, in addition to new promotion channels, traditional ones such as television suitable for middle-aged customers, aiming toward resorts and catering services, etc., would thusly focus on introducing new dishes that have yet to be well-known, such as salted rice, royal dishes, white lotus tea...
Alongside optimizing domestic tourists, the industry has taken the first steps toward optimizing international tourists for the economic recovery momentum. The tourism industry will coordinate with CNN to promote up to 10 traditional and potential markets that are expected to frequently come to Hue after the pandemic.
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