Outline of the project "Hue - the Capital of Ao dai" applied
Update: Aug 24, 2021
On August 19, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee issued a decision approving the outline of the above project.
The approval of the outline of the project "Hue - the Capital of Ao dai" aims at the goals of preserving and developing traditional costumes.
Accordingly, the Chairman has set out the main tasks to turm Hue into the Capital of Ao dai such as: Researching, collecting and building a database of Hue ao dai; Developing programs, activities, videos, clips and organizing the promotion and broadcast of Hue Ao dai; Organizing the annual Hue Ao dai Festival, turning it into a unique cultural product of Hue; Creating and managing the certification mark "Hue – the Capital of Ao dai".
In addition, the tasks also include developing mechanisms and policies, investing resources for promotion and communication, creating favorable conditions for Hue Ao dai tailoring industry to develop; forming a center for displaying, tailoring, training and performing Ao dai fashion; developing a national intangible cultural heritage profile to proceed to develop a dossier to submit to UNESCO to recognize Hue Ao dai as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
The project also focuses on building tours and tourism products associated with Hue Ao dai; launching, encouraging and replicating the movement of wearing Ao dai in traditional festivals and ceremonies, and forming traditional costumes of various careers...
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