Nam Du Archipelago: An inviting tourist attraction in Kien Giang
Update: Sep 23, 2021
Nam Du Archipelago in is an inviting place for visitors to the southern province of Kien Giang. Anyone who has been there has been allured by the beauty of the pristine beaches, superb dining experiences, and hotels overlooking the windy sea at affordable prices.
Nam Du Archipelago: An inviting tourist attraction in Kien Giang (Photo: Hai Lam)
Ticket boats to Nam Du, which depart from Rach Gia Town or Phu Quoc Island District, can be bought both online or in person. Although the sea in Nam Du is warm all year round, visitors, especially those who suffer from seasickness, should still check the weather before setting off on their trip because it takes around two hours on the boat to reach the archipelago.
Nam Du Archipelago consists of 21 large and small islands, of which more than half are inhabited. Hon Lon (Big Island), also known as Cu Tron Island (in the local language, ‘Hon’ means ‘island’) is the administrative center of An Son Island Commune, where the pier for tourist boats is located.
Many tourists opt to spend an entire day on Lon Island, renting a motorbike and riding along the path around the island to discover the natural scenery. Although it is not a long trip, there are steep passes and curves along the route with one side being a steep cliff and the immense sea on the other side.
The beaches of Chet and Ngu are perfect places for visitors who want to explore the fishing village and the islanders' life. Meanwhile, Cay Men Beach is a don’t-miss attraction for those who love to want to immerse themselves in the cool blue water of the ocean, alongside smooth white sand with rows of coconut trees.
Prices for all services in Nam Du, including boat tours, diving to admire corals, and catching fish and sea urchins, are more affordable than other famous tourist destinations.
Hon Mau, which is home to five beautiful gentle beaches and clear jade water, is a popular choice for young travellers with numerous check-in photos of the location having been posted and shared on travel forums and social networks.
With bustling atmosphere at the harbour and many fish cages, Hon Ngang is an ideal place to enjoy fresh seafood, such as blue-bone fish, elephant snails, shrimp, crabs, clams, and oysters.
Not to mention Dau Island, where 90% of the area is covered with green primeval forest; Nom Island, with many strange undulating rocks; and Hai Bo Dap Island, with its pristine and colourful coral reef.
When night falls, the islands become quiet. Visitors can fully enjoy the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere while walking along the beaches to gaze at the stars, or sitting at the shore, listening to waves and chatting with their loved ones and friends.
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