Vietnamese cuisine introduced in Israel
Update: Dec 15, 2022
The Ca Phe Hanoi Restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel held a function on December 12 to introduce its new menu including Vietnamese dishes to the restaurant goers.

Chef Vu Thi Ha (first from right) and delegates at the event (Photo: VNA)

The event was hosted by the Vietnamese Embassy in Israel to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the restaurant.

Ca Phe Hanoi Restaurant is French owned, and it didn’t offer many authentic Vietnamese dishes. Given the situation, the Vietnamese Embassy in Israel has supported procedures to bring Vietnamese chefs to the restaurant so that Vietnamese cuisine culture will be introduced to the wider Israeli people.

Chef Vu Thi Ha prepares pomelo salad at the event (Photo: VNA)

Over the past few days, Vu Thi Ha, a Vietnamese chef who has 30 years of working experience and is now working at the Sofitel Metropole Hanoi, has shared recipes and instructed chefs from Ca Phe Hanoi Restaurant, on cooking four Vietnamese dishes, including pomelo salad, sauté diced beef, chicken rice, and braised eggplant with mushroom.

The ingredients and recipes of the four dishes have been adjusted according to Jewish dietary laws and regulations.

Vu Thi Ha has toured many countries around the world including Australia, Spain, Canada, Qatar, Thailand, and the Republic of Korea to advertise Vietnamese cuisine.

She shared with joy that Vietnamese dishes win much favour from people around the world, adding that many visitors to Vietnam have expressed their impressions of Vietnamese food.

NDO - - December 13, 2022