Locating tourist attractions in Quang Nam
Update: Jan 10, 2023
Quang Nam is restructuring the tourism market, building green tourism products associated with indigenous cultural conservation, creating a new appearance of Quang Nam tourism in 2023.

Mongolians - the first New Year’s callers to Quang Nam

It was the first time Quang Nam received a delegation from Mongolia on New Year’s Day. This is considered a chance for Quang Nam to diversify the provincial tourism markets.

Quang Nam tourism focused on exploiting emerging and potential markets such as South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, India, and Malaysia in 2022.

The number of tourists from India to Quang Nam just went after that of South Korean and North American markets.

Foreign tourists in Hoi An

Quang Nam received 4.8 million arrivals, including 690 thousand foreigners in 2022. The increase of local visitors to Quang Nam shows that Quang Nam tourism is on the right track.

Hoi An is known as a tourist centre of Quang Nam, playing an important role in the provincial tourism development, especially in its neighbours. So, Hoi An is making every effort to diversify the flow of visitors to the city.

The needs of post-Covid-19 visitors have changed. They prefer to go to natural sites and to enjoy traditional indigenous cultural values.

A cultural tourism product in Quang Nam

Tourism products and markets are always intertwined. The source of visitors is considered a key factor in the tourism development strategy. When the market is identified, appropriate tourism products and services will be built.

Quang Nam tourism has depended on the two world cultural heritages - Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary for a long time.

It was attractive to some specific markets such as Europe, Australia and the US.

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