Quang Nam tourism brand of return to traditional values
Update: May 10, 2024
Quang Nam is making every effort to develop its tourism brand of return to traditional values based on the world cultural heritages, relics, and historical narratives.

Hoi An, a must-visit place for both local and international travellers. Photo: baodautu.vn

Preservation and promotion of heritage values

Quang Nam has a rich resource for tourism development, including two world cultural heritages and many national relics, such as Hoi An ancient town, My Son Sanctuary, Cu Lao Cham - Hoi An world biosphere reserve, and Dong Duong Buddhist Institute.

Besides, Quang Nam has long beaches and islands along the coastal line, which are suitable and valuable for leisure travel and marine tourism.

In the past 10 years, Quang Nam has become a major world tourist attraction in Vietnam, especially Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary.

The province is planning to become an important world tourism centre on the basis of maximising the values of the two world cultural heritages and the Cu Lao Cham - Hoi An world biosphere reserve.

Besides green tourism, Quang Nam focuses on building and developing its tourism brand of return to traditional values. It is a type of cultural tourism in which visitors can take a sightseeing tour to experience and learn more about the local history and culture.

Along with the preservation and promotion of heritage values, Quang Nam is researching the identification of new values that enrich provincial historical, cultural, and contemporary values.

Quang Nam is building Hoi An into a cultural and tourist city in combination with cultural and ecological conservation, including the ancient quarter and its buffer zone, traditional craft villages, and folk festivals.

In addition to Hoi An, My Son Sanctuary is a major factor contributing to making Quang Nam a cultural centre and a leading tourist attraction in terms of cultural heritage tourism.

Along with renovating the heritage landscapes, the Management Board of My Son Sanctuary focuses on developing and upgrading the infrastructure, repairing the Sa Huynh - Champa museum, recovering the sacred road from the tower K to My Son Sanctuary, and providing more items of Cham folk performance art in My Son.

Sustainable tourism development

A corner of My Son Sanctuary. Photo: baodautu.vn

Quang Nam is a province rich in historical and cultural relics. One of them is the Mid-Central-Nuoc Oa Historical Relic, located in Tra Tan Commune, Bac Tra My District.

In addition to learning about the local history, visitors can take advantage of the serene, unobstructed atmosphere and verdant surroundings.

Additionally, Bac Tra My is doing a great job of maintaining its unique cultural identities and local scenery, which helps boost the province's tourism industry.

It is necessary for Bac Tra My to develop more tourism products and have more tourism promotion activities. In addition, the district should have a plan to cooperate with travel agencies to exploit the local tourism potential.

Another place is the Memorial House for Huynh Thuc Khang, a patriot. The landscape there is also well preserved. So, it is attractive to visitors.

Quang Nam is now focusing on preserving indigenous cultural resources in order to develop unique and diverse cultural products and tourism products attractive to both local and international travellers.

The province is also improving tourism and transportation facilities, transforming Quang Nam into a cultural and artistic hub as well as a top tourist attraction for cultural heritage tourism in Central Vietnam.

Translated by Ho Thu

Quang Nam News - en.baoquangnam.vn - May 8, 2024