Mexican colours explode in capital
Update: Sep 14, 2009
An exhibition entitled “The Colour of Mexico” opened in Hanoi on September 14.

The nearly 100 photos taken by Mexican and Vietnamese photographers are being displayed to celebrate Vietnam’s National Day on September 2 and Mexico’s National Day on September 16.

The works on display, sponsored by the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), Mexico’s Notimex News Agency and the Mexican Embassy in Hanoi, depict Mexico’s countryside, its culture and historical sites. The exhibition aims to promote a better understanding between both countries while enhancing multi-faceted cooperation.

“These photographs will help to give the Vietnamese public a contemporary picture of Mexico, a beautiful country that, though far from Vietnam in terms of distance, shares a similar history and culture,” said Pham Tien Dung, Executive Deputy Director of the VNA’s New Pictorial.

Notimex General Director Sergio Uzeta Murcio, who is on an official visit to Vietnam, underlined that holding an exhibition on Vietnam in Mexico in the near future would help Mexican people understand more about Vietnam’s land and its people.

The VNA established ties with Notimex in 1997. They signed a new cooperation agreement in April on the free exchange of information services in the Vietnamese and Spanish languages and news photos and information videos as well as publishing the Vietnam Pictorial in Mexico and exchanging audiovisual programmes.

The exhibition, at 29 Hang Bai Street, will last until September 20.