Vietnamese bronze artifacts displayed in RoK
Update: May 23, 2014
An exhibition themed “Ancient Civilization in Viet Nam, the Early Morning in Red River” is taking place at the National Museum of the Republic of Korea (RoK) with the aim of introducing local people to Vietnamese culture.

On display are nearly 380 artifacts including 14 bronze drums, accessories and everyday objects of the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age cultures during the Dong Son era of ancient Viet Nam.

"We have been actively cooperating with the Viet Nam National Museum of History. These artifacts show the professional bronze casting techniques in Southeast Asia 2,500 years ago”, said Lee Sang-Mi, Director of the RoK National Museum.

The drums, the Dong Son Culture’s signature artifacts, were initially created as musical instruments, but were later used as a medium of trade and were also considered objects of worship.

Visitors can learn about how ancient Vietnamese people made and used the objects, and what their cultural values are. This is part of the long-term cooperation research on history - archeology between the two countries’ museums.

The event runs until June 29.