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Internet Services

Internet service includes E-mail, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Telnet and World Wide Web (WWW).
- VNN/ internet access number: 1260.

- Support number for VNN/ Internet: 18001260.

VNN 1268/1269 services

VNN 1268 / 1269 are managed and charged on accessing telephone number. No monthly subscription charge.

ISDN (Integrated service digital network)

ISDN telecommunication service fully meets requirement of many types of information (text, audio, visual) by high quality and high speed digital transmission. ISDN Service can be applied in video-conference aI1d remote education.

ADSL Service (Mega VNN)

ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber line) - an application of broad band communication, providing high speed internet access via telephone line by dividing it into two channels: a higher speed channel for Internet and the remained for telephone and fax.

VNN -Infogate Service

VNN - Infogate service allows the subscribers of VNN-Internet to send messages such as symbol, picture, E-mail, text, ringtail, business schedule.,. from serviced websites to paging subscribers, mobile phone subscribers of VNPT.