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Mobile telephone services

VNN 999 service

VinaPhone WAP / VNN 999 Provides applications based on WAP through VinaPhone Network, that enables VinaPhone subscribers to access to relevant Internet / Intranet information using their VinaPhone

Paging service

Allows for one way message, sending from table telephone and mobile telephone to page subscribers within the active area of paging network.

Ha Noi ABC Paging Service

Dial 133 for Vietnamese messaging

Dial 131 for English messaging.

Viet Nam Paging Service

Dia1107 for Vietnamese messaging

Dial 105 for English messaging

Automatic Digital Display Paging Service

After dialing 1570 to enter the Digital Display Paging system, user sends message directly to pagers subscriber by pressing a group of numbers through telephone buttons. Meaning of the group of numbers is pre-defined by the sender and the receiver. Using this service customers will not be charged with connection fee.

Messenger Call Service

Messenger call service allows the subscriber to request for a notification to be sent to an individual notifying them of a time and place to receive a telephone call.