Tourism development in Southern Quang Nam
Update: Mar 18, 2024
The recent connectivity between the three localities of Tam Ky - Nui Thanh - Phu Ninh has brought about promising developments for tourism in the southern region of Quang Nam province.  

Ca Ban eco-village in Tam Ngoc commune, Tam Ky city

After the collaboration agreement between Tam Ky, Nui Thanh, and Phu Ninh in September 2022, linked tourism products began to emerge.

In Tam Ky city, a boat dock and check-in point at Bai Say - Dam River, along with infrastructure restoration at Ky Anh tunnel, create connectivity with river tourism routes.

Community tourism is also a priority, with investment in transportation infrastructure at Huong Tra eco-village and the establishment of check-in points, boat docks, and mini-gardens at Ca Ban community tourism village.

In 2023, Ky Anh Tunnel and Tam Thanh Community Art Village were recognized as tourist destinations by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Also, Tam Ky hosted the inaugural Tam Ky Discovery 2023 marathon, drawing thousands of residents and tourists.

Alongside sports tourism, digital tourism platforms in this locality are also rapidly developing, with the "touchless tourism" project - exploring Tam Ky from anywhere via digital devices.

The marine environment in Tam Hai island commune, Nui Thanh district, has seen significant improvement recently.

In Nui Thanh district, coastal and eco-tourism destinations are gradually being enhanced with improved service offerings. Some gardens and houses have been transformed into fruit orchards and homestays to cater to the sightseeing and experiential needs of tourists.

Meanwhile, Phu Ninh district has implemented a plan to support the development of community tourism models in Tam Lanh commune.

Leveraging its natural landscape advantages, the area is focusing on enhancing tourism programs centered around eco-friendly activities such as cycling, mountain climbing, trekking, and environmental conservation efforts through tree planting.

Tourists at the Phu Ninh lake eco-tourism.

Tam Ky is training over 300 workers in community tourism and hospitality services, while Nui Thanh is focusing on enhancing community tourism and tour guiding skills in the coastal tourism areas of Tam Tien and Tam Hai.

Meanwhile, Phu Ninh is organizing training courses and updating tourism skills for the local workforce and residents to gradually change community perceptions about tourism development.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Dan, Vice Chairman of the Nui Thanh District People's Committee, mentioned that the three localities have invited the National Institute of Green Technology (NIGT) to advise and finalize tourism product concepts and routes for connectivity for the district. This is a crucial step towards the region's goal of sustainable green tourism development aligned with the province's overall direction.

In addition, Tam Ky is planning to develop the community tourism village of Ca Ban and formulate a strategic plan for the development of artistic community tourism in Tam Thanh commune. In 2024, Tam Ky aims to welcome 430,000 visitors, including 15,000 international visitors.

Translated by Cam Hy

Quang Nam News - - Mar 13, 2024