Khmer Festival of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Kien Giang opens
Update: Nov 07, 2014
The eighth Culture, Sports, and Tourism Festival of Khmer people in Kien Giang province opened in Go Quao town, Go Quao district on November 5.

The festival is an annual event featuring the traditional cultural activities of Khmer ethnic people in Kien Giang province, according to Director of the Kien Giang provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Le Minh Hoang. Since 2007, the festival has become a provincial-level cultural event, attracting a large number of locals and visitors.

The festival features a series of special activities, including folk games, Khmer art performances, exhibitions, and foods.

The highlight of this year’s event is the Ngo Boat Race competition and the Ok-Om-Bok ceremony at Cai Lon River. Ok-Om-Bok, a moon worshipping ritual performed by the Khmer ethnic group, is one of the three main events celebrated every year. Traditionally, the Khmer believe the moon is a God who controls the weather and crops throughout the year.

As part of the event, local residents provide offerings to show their gratitude to the God for giving them good weather conditions and fruitful harvests.

Kien Giang is currently home to 210,000 ethnic Khmer, accounting for 12 percent of the province’s total population.

The event runs until on November 8.