Nguyen Huy Tu Temple

Location: Truong Luu Village, Truong Loc Commune, Can Loc District, Ha Tinh Province, about 60km from Ha Tinh City to the northeast.

Characteristics: Nguyen Huy Tu Temple is dedicated to Nguyen Huy Tu (1743-1790) - historical, cultural celebrity under Le Trung Hung Dynasty and ancestor of Nguyen Huy family in Truong Luu Village.

Woodblocks of Phuc Giang School

(TITC) - The temple preserves woodblocks of Phuc Giang School (also called Truong Luu woodblocks), which include nearly 400 woodblocks carving Han - Nom scripts for printing books for teaching and examination. The woodblocks were compiled, preserved by Nguyen Huy family and were recognized as a UNESCO World Documentary Heritage under the World Memory Program in the Asia and Pacific in May 2016.





With the total area of 200m² and the architecture in the shape of Han character  (二) “Nhi” (Two), Nguyen Huy Tu Temple includes Thuong (Upper) sanctum and Ha (Lower) sanctum. The former consists of 3 spaces, of which the middle space is place for worship of Nguyen Huy Oanh and Nguyen Huy Tu. The latter has 3 spaces, 2 gables and 4 roof corners decorated with dragons; its central space is placed with iron wood bed carved “Tho” (寿) (longevity) Han letter and 4 sacred animals including dragon, unicorn, tortoise and phoenix.


Hong Nhung