The first digital museum in Vietnam to welcome guests from October 20th in Hue
Update: Oct 20, 2023
Vietnam's first digital art exhibition and experience space, named "Sống Lab", designed to resemble a museum, is set to open its doors to the public on October 20th.

Inside the Sống Lab, which  is to open on October 20th.

On October 16th, representatives from Sống Lab, located at Hung Vuong shopping mall, Ba Trieu Street, Hue City, announced that they had conducted a trial run of Vietnam's first digital art experience program and are ready to welcome visitors from October 20th. This is the first place in the country to offer such a modern and unique digital art experience.

Spanning over 1,000 square meters, Sống Lab consists of five exhibition rooms, with a total investment of approximately 50 billion VND.

Each room is equipped with modern systems of laser lights, screens, speakers, and more, being suitable to serve different exhibition and presentation purposes, such as room for screening, room for installation art mixing, and for interactive art experiencing, etc...

Sống Lab is currently showcasing five digital art pieces, including Đâm chồi nảy lộc (Blossoming Buds), Hồng Sắc Long (The Crimson Dragon), Mọi miền tiềm thức (The All-Embracing Subconscious), Một trăm (One Hundred) and Như một dòng chảy (Like a Flowing Stream). All five works are presented in the form of 3D graphics, combined with sound and light art projection (3D Mapping).

To appreciate these artworks, viewers will be taken into a vibrant, colourful room with dynamic soundscapes. Depending on the room, visitors can interact with the screens, walls, or simply sit down to appreciate and contemplate the artistic expressions of the creators.

Mr. Dương Do, the founder of Sống Lab, pointed out that digital art experience spaces were not new to the world. Currently, in many class A cities in countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore... there are modern digital art museums that attract a large number of tourists to visit.

According to Mr. Dương, the digital art exhibition in Hue has been constructed with a world-class digital museum style. In addition to displaying screening art, it hopes to host and showcase other art forms such as music, sculptures, paintings, and installations art…

“I chose Hue because this region has a lot of museums and filled with artistic emotions. The works at Sống Lab draw inspiration from the culture of this region. We hope that after its launch, Sống Lab will become a creative arts center and an exciting destination for travellers who would want to experience completely new and innovative art when visiting Hue,” Mr. Dương expressed.

By Minh Linh

Hue News - - October 19, 2023